Next Stop to Save Solar? Sydney! - Solar Citizens

Next Stop to Save Solar? Sydney!

Continuing Solar Citizens’ public meetings around the country, on 18 June, nearly one hundred and fifty Solar Citizens came to Sydney Uni to talk all things solar.

Sydney Meeting

Bringing solar owners across New South Wales for the first time, the evening was a fun night full of questions, education, action and much more.

"What an inspiring evening!"


The evening included Nigel Morris, director of Solar Business Services talking about solar issues, and Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens, discussing the ways Solar Citizens is campaigning to protect solar.

You can read Nigel’s presentation here.
You can read Lindsay’s presentation here.
Additional facts on the RET from Nigel are here.

The message was loud and vibrant: people in New South Wales love solar, and we’re going to fight to keep it strong!

The evening was capped off with NSW winning the State of Origin for the first time in 9 years. We’d like to think we helped bring the sun in for the team!

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