New Volunteers Induction Webinar

New Volunteers Induction Webinar

Welcome and thank you for joining Solar Citizens’ national network of volunteers. We rely on volunteers for so much of what we do, so your involvement is critical in achieving a strong solar future for Australia.

Join us for this online webinar to help get you started as a new volunteer, providing all you need to know about Solar Citizens, how we work, our current campaigns and opportunities to get involved.

Connect to the webinar using this link:


September 07, 2015 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Nick Taylor - Community Organiser
Wieslaw Lichacz Peter Barker Robert Tilley Paul Jensen David Pratchett John Neve Kym Mogridge John Millar Eric Malcolm Antony Lewis Sylvia Kendall Jibson Johny Robert Jenkins Felipe Di Gregorio Raelene Dalton Peter Chinnery Robert Simpson Warwick Hempel Roger Richards Lou Pynenburg William Palmer Chaim Lee John Ennis Barbara Turnbull Paul Longva Cathy Hall Jess Christiansen Alan Kruger F Hogel Amanda Sermon Simon Clark Nick Taylor

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