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New Regulations Threaten Clean Energy Funding

29th July 2021: New Regulations Threaten Clean Energy Funding

Solar Citizens has condemned the Morrison Government’s latest attack on clean energy funding today.  

The Federal Government has today introduced new regulations to expand the remit of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to allow investment in a broader range of “low emissions” technologies, beyond the agency’s intended renewable scope. Similar regulations introduced in May were disallowed by the Senate. 

“Angus Taylor is trying to turn the Australian Renewable Energy Agency into a fossil fuel slush fund, said Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“The Australian Renewable Energy Agency can already invest in the technologies we need to lower emissions: renewable energy backed by storage. 

“This is just the latest attempt by this Government to undermine clean energy funding and use it to prop up dying fossil fuel projects.

“These regulations could open the door to renewable energy funding being used to prolong the life coal and gas with unproven carbon capture technology, or investment in dirty hydrogen.

“Similar regulations were rejected by the Senate just a month ago. Taylor is once again trying to misuse his power as Energy Minister to sidestep normal law-making processes.

“ARENA is key to the Government’s strategy to invest in clean energy technology and lower emissions. The remit change could stall emissions reductions even further, as genuine solar and wind projects lose out on already limited renewables funding.”

Solar Citizens advocates for the rights of millions of Australians with rooftop solar, and all Australians who support an urgent transition to 100% renewable energy.


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