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New national poll finds Australians want more solar, renewables

Australia’s politicians are lagging far behind the community who are overwhelmingly in support of all types of renewable energy, according to new research for Solar Citizens. 

Despite sustained attacks on renewable energy from the Federal Government, including its flawed Warburton Review, three-quarters of the community want to see an increase in the Renewable Energy Target – not any reduction in the scheme.

Significantly, the poll conducted by The Australia Institute found 64% of self-identified Liberal voters support an increased Target, while 43% of Liberal voters would support an ambitious Target of 50% or more renewables by 2030.

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke said Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Government could not continue to ignore the deeply felt popular support for growing renewable energy among Liberal voters and across the nation.

“The Australian community wants political leaders who can fast-track the growth of renewable energy such as solar and deliver on the jobs and cost savings on household power bills that this brings,” Ms O’Rourke said today.

“Solar Citizens today calls on all political leaders to catch up with the vast majority of the community and commit to a target of at least 50% renewable energy in our system by 2030.

“The message for Prime Minister Abbott, his Government and the vested interests trying to hold back renewable energy in this country is clear: help deliver a bright future for Australian energy now or make way for political leadership that can get this done,” she said.

The community wants Australia to invest in and support more capacity of all types of renewable energy:

  • 83% want more solar energy plants;
  • 74% want more wind turbines; and
  • 85% want more rooftop solar.

“Australians are ready for the jobs, opportunities and savings on power bills that solar and other renewable energy technologies deliver. More than 1.3 million households - that’s at least 2 million voters - have already installed rooftop solar power and are now enjoying lower power bills,” Ms O’Rourke said.

“Only 4% of people surveyed think Australia is ‘leading’ in terms of renewable energy generation. A Renewable Energy Target of at least 50% by 2030 can help power a strong economy, ease the cost of living for Australian families struggling with rising power prices and make sure we don’t get left behind,” Ms O’Rourke said.

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