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It's time for a national fair price for solar

Around Australia, solar owners – and solar lovers – are getting taken for a ride.

Although previous State government policies encouraged more people to put solar on their roof by offering high "feed-in" prices for energy put back into the electricity grid, most solar owners now only get a fraction of the retail price of grid electricity.

On average, solar owners only get 20% of the price of power charged by big power companies, and in some states the minimum price for solar fed back into the grid is as low as $0. 

It's time for a fair go for Australia's 1.5 million solar households, it's time for a national fair price for solar. 

A fair price means that more Australians can go solar – which means more clean, renewable solar power for communities around Australia.

We know what needs to happen. We need the National Electricity Law to change so that solar that's exported back to the grid is guaranteed a fair price – right around the country.

Can you sign our petition calling on the Prime Minister and State and Federal Energy Ministers to make this change, and set a fair price for solar?


Will you sign?

Dear Prime Minister, and National, State and Territory Energy Ministers,

Solar owners around the country are being ripped off.

Although they provide clean, local power for their neighbours and communities to use, on average solar households only get 20% of the price for power charged by big power companies.

This is because old laws haven't recognised that local solar power is cheaper to provide than electricity that's travelled from thousands of kilometres away.

I urge you to change the National Electricity Law to set a fair, national price for solar that doesn't shortchange the millions of solar owners and solar lovers in Australia.

Yours Sincerely,


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