Morrison's gas fired power bad for energy prices - Solar Citizens

Morrison's gas fired power bad for energy prices

Ellen Roberts, National Director of Solar Citizens said, 'Scott Morrison’s pledge of public money for gas fired power for the Hunter Valley will lock the region in to higher power prices.'

'Towns currently dependent on gas generation, like Mount Isa in Western Queensland are now turning to cheap renewable energy to power existing heavy industry. Solar, wind and storage are much cheaper than expensive polluting gas.'

'By pushing gas fired power, Morrison is locking in high power prices for the Hunter Valley - the last thing the region needs.'

'Energy Minister Angus Taylor is trying to pass legislation through Parliament that would force the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to hand out taxpayers funds to dirty polluting gas, even where those projects lose money. '

'It's time to stop this madness and invest in the clean energy future that Australians want,' said Ms Roberts.

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