More than 214,000 Victorian households affected by unfair solar changes - Solar Citizens

More than 214,000 Victorian households affected by unfair solar changes

The Victorian Government should reject any recommendation by the electricity price regulator to unfairly reduce the state’s solar feed-in tariff, according to Solar Citizens.

Victorian households with rooftop solar could get as little as five cents a kilowatt-hour for the power they pump back into the grid next year, under a proposed decision by the state's Essential Services Commission, according to today’s The Age.

Director Campaigns and Organising, Dan Scaysbrook, said more than 214,000 Victorians had chosen to invest in generating rooftop solar energy and they deserved a fair price for the clean power generated.

“Solar owners in Victoria would feel a great sense of betrayal at plans to slash the solar feed-in tariff to as low as 5 cents cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh),” he said.

“More than 214,000 Victorian households have installed rooftop solar, generating 535MW of renewable energy and investing $1,607.6 million.

“Families have made the move to solar to take back control of their power bills, a reduced tariff would make it so much harder for them.

“Victorians have been among the biggest adopters of solar, which is why the State Government needs to do more to support existing homeowners with solar and to help more households install solar on their rooftops.

“The main driver behind power bill price rises is investment in network poles and wires, not solar homes.

“In fact, a Federal Government review found having rooftop solar as part of the energy mix reduces power costs for all households – whether they have solar installed or not.

“Solar Citizens urges the Victorian Government to increase support so more households can go solar – not less,” he said.

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