MEDIA RELEASE: Barnett's Big Solar Betrayal - Solar Citizens

MEDIA RELEASE: Barnett's Big Solar Betrayal

The Western Australian State Government’s decision to slash the solar feed-in tariff rate by half is a complete betrayal of 75,000 West Australian households, say Solar Citizens, a community organisation advocating for the rights of current and future solar owners.

As part of its budget announcement, the WA State Government has revealed that it intends to slash the feed-in tariff rate for solar paid to 75,000 WA households that installed solar from mid 2010-2011.

Dr Geoff Evans, Solar Citizens Campaigns Manager, says that this announcement is not only disappointing, but it also undermines the investment of these solar families in the State.

“In WA, families and businesses have invested over $980 billion dollars of their own money into solar power,” Dr Evans says.

“This money was not thrown around lightly; it was a decision these families made because of the set tariff rate.

“These families were told that they would receive a set rate for their solar for ten years. They were motivated to make the move to solar because of Government incentives.

“But, in response, the State Government has pulled the rug out from under these families feet - and they’re now being betrayed when they've done the right thing.

“Solar is the energy of the future. It ensures that people can have true power over electricity bills while at the same time doing their part for the environment.

“If anything, the WA Government should be telling more people to make the move to solar, not betraying those who already have.

“This decision by the Barnett Government is outrageous.

“The WA Government is penalising solar owners for trying to save money and take back control over their power bills and is turning its back on people who are taking the right steps for our energy future.

“It's unfair to change the rules on people who have already made an investment on the assumption of policy stability, and the decision should be immediately repealed.

“Solar owners who are looking to strengthen their voice in WA can join Solar Citizens at”

Media contact: Dr Geoff Evans, 0418 261 404  

MEDIA RELEASE: Barnett's Big Solar Betrayal

MEDIA RELEASE: Barnett's Big Solar Betrayal