LNP renewables roadmap a dead end for clean energy - Solar Citizens

LNP renewables roadmap a dead end for clean energy

The LNP has come to the table with a renewable energy plan but it’s sorely lacking says advocacy organisation Solar Citizens.

In Townsville at the Solar Council’s Powering North Queensland Summit, the
LNP launched their ‘Powering Renewable Energy 5 Point Plan’ while Premier Palaszczuk reiterated her commitment to a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.

“This needs to be the start of renewable energy policy announcements from both parties - there is much more to be done,” said Shani Tager, Senior Solar Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“The LNP policy is sorely lacking in substance. Queensland has the lowest uptake of renewable energy in the country and there’s no time to waste in getting to 100% clean, cheap renewable energy asap.

“This isn’t a plan that can be taken seriously while the LNP muddies the water with a misguided attack on a 50% renewable energy target by 2030 and insists on pushing yesterday’s technology: dirty, coal-fired power generation.

“The LNP needs to come back with more sensible, detailed policy on the rapid, orderly transition to renewables, to provide the industry with the certainty it needs to bring investment, jobs and affordable renewable power to Queensland.

“Today’s summit makes clear that investment is happening here and now in renewable energy projects and that there is no future in coal-fired power stations.

“To make sure all Queenslanders can benefit from the global renewable energy boom, politicians of all stripes must commit to a robust renewable energy target, invest in large-scale renewable energy projects and ensure that household solar is able to continue its strong growth.

“Queenslanders know that harvesting the power from the sun is the best way to go with over 500,000 households and businesses taking power back into their own hands and generating clean, cheap solar power on their own rooftops.

“That’s more than 1 million solar voters who’ll head to the ballot box at the next election, which is a constituency politicians ignore at their peril.

“In the Sunshine State, going solar just makes sense. The major political parties need to do the right thing by Queenslanders and ensure our Sunshine State is a leader in the race to 100% clean, renewable energy sources,” Ms Tager said.

Media contact: Shani Tager, 0432 050 809