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We know that navigating the upcoming change isn’t easy, so we’ve compiled this list of resources where you can get extra help.

Basic information


Solar Bonus Scheme:

Energy efficiency:


South Australia

Solar Feed-in Scheme:


Transitional Feed-in Tariff:

Standard Feed-in Tariff:

Smart meters

Smart meters in NSW:


ATA Sunulator:

Solar Choice:

Energy Ombudsman

Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON):

Energy & Water Ombudsman SA (EWOSA):

Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV):

Comparing retailers

Australian Energy

TEC/Greenpeace Green Electricity


Solar Citizens:


Sales, design, installation and stewardship: Energy Storage Council:

Economics: ATA:

Environmental impact: ATA ReNew:

Product comparison: Solar Quotes:

Life after FiTs in the media

Get the best value from your solar power: Choice, June 2016

What to do when you solar feed-in tariff expires: