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Launch of Australia’s Biggest Community Campaign for Electric Transport

28 July 2021: Launch of Australia’s Biggest Community Campaign for Electric Transport

A new grassroots campaign will urge policy makers to accelerate the electrification of Australia’s cars, buses, trucks and trains to reduce transport emissions.

Launched by community group Solar Citizens, the Charge Ahead campaign will build on the successes that have made Australia a world-leader for residential solar.

“The success of Australia’s rooftop solar industry shows what is possible when governments incentivise consumers to make smart choices,” said Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“Australia lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to the transition to electric vehicles, but there are opportunities to turn this around so more people can share in the benefits of clean and quiet vehicles that are cheaper to run and maintain.”

The campaign will be launched at an online event on Thursday 29th July featuring electric vehicle (EV) champion Senator Rex Patrick, renewables researcher Professor Andrew Blakers and EV driver Jan McNicol.

The people-powered campaign will urge federal, state and local governments to take action to support EVs and slash growing transport emissions.

Roberts says that delaying the introduction of road user charges until more EVs are on the road is a priority, but politicians will be encouraged to look beyond passenger vehicles.

“There will be a time when road user charges make sense, but now they will just act as a handbrake on the transition to EVs,” said Ms Roberts.

“We want barriers removed to make electric vehicles more affordable for consumers, but also to grow the use of renewable energy in transport by electrifying bus fleets and repowering trains and trams with clean energy.”

All levels of government will be encouraged to use their buying power to electrify fleets, which in turn will stimulate the future second-hand EV market.

“The benefits of a thriving electric vehicle industry in Australia are far-reaching. Electric transport will play a crucial role in safeguarding the electricity grid by soaking up excess cheap solar energy,” said Ms Roberts.

“And importantly, Australia is well-placed to process minerals and manufacture parts for electric vehicles, like batteries. The growth of this industry will unlock huge economic opportunities and future-proof jobs for Australians.”


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