Labor’s renewable energy policy welcomed ahead of the NSW election - Solar Citizens

Labor’s renewable energy policy welcomed ahead of the NSW election

Solar Citizens has welcomed the announcement by Labor leader Luke Foley that if elected Labor will commit to stronger support of renewable energy and household solar.

Labor’s renewable energy policy promises:

  • Legislate a NSW 20 per cent renewable energy target by 2020;

  • A $14 million renewable energy hub;

  • Protections for solar households and ensure a fair price for those who sell excess energy back to the grid;

  • Purchase electricity for NSW Government departments and agencies from renewable sources where possible.

Solar Citizens National Director, Claire O’Rourke, said the policy announcement from Labor today was significant for people in NSW who want to take control of their household power bills by going solar.

“More than 260,000 NSW homes have already installed solar power to cut their electricity bills.”

“Rooftop solar means cheaper power for homeowners, not just those who have solar. It also means new jobs and less polluting power generation.”

“In January, at least 550 solar homeowners told a Senate Inquiry they felt like they’ve been unfairly treated by the big energy companies, including being hit with unfair or hidden charges and increases in service charges after installing solar.

“The next State Government is responsible for protecting solar households from these types of discriminatory dealings, for securing a fair price for the clean energy they provide to the grid and for making sure solar and other renewable industries thrive in NSW.”

“This is a positive first step to protect solar households from unfair fees, ensure that household power bills come down and jobs in the renewable energy industry are created.”


Claire O’Rourke is available for interview

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