Labor enters Coalition’s disappointing race to the bottom on Renewable Energy Target - Solar Citizens

Labor enters Coalition’s disappointing race to the bottom on Renewable Energy Target

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane’s dismissal of Labor’s 33,500 GWh Renewable Energy Target (RET) compromise shows that the Abbott Government has no interest in providing certainty for Australia’s renewable energy industry and is intent on playing political games with the RET.

“Both of today’s announcements are bitterly disappointing to solar owners and supporters around Australia”, said Solar Citizens National Campaigner Taegen Edwards.

“Labor has been drawn into this race to the bottom. Any reduction in the Target is a huge step backwards for renewable energy.”

“Australian families want to see solar in Australia grow and thrive. Instead of listening to them, the Abbott Government has lead a race to the bottom on renewables, insisting that the target be slashed dramatically.”

“The Government’s Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane’s automatic dismissal of this compromise reinforces the fact that this government does not care about industry certainty or job losses and does not care about Australia’s solar future.”

“Business needs consistent policy to invest and householders need access to solar and other forms of renewable power to reduce their electricity bills.

“The RET is extremely popular, with polls showing 89% of Australians want to keep or strengthen the Target, including 64% of self-identified Liberal voters

“There is a glimmer of hope in Labor’s announcement that may see them increasing their ambition on post 2020 targets. This would be a very welcome step.”

“The Australian people are crying out for vision and leadership on renewable energy. The Abbott government need to stop their incessant attacks on solar and listen to the Australian people when they say they want more solar, not less.” said Ms Edwards.


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