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Tell IPART that NSW needs a fair price for solar


The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) are looking at cutting the NSW solar feed-in tariff benchmark to 8-9c per kWh.

They're justifying this drop because rooftop solar has reduced the wholesale price of power for everyone. This is even more of a reason to pay solar owners a fair price, not punish people who've done the right thing. Can you make a submission to IPART and the NSW Government about this change? Here are some points you may wish to include:

  • That you support a fair price for solar;
  • It's not fair to punish solar owners who are helping bring down the price of electricity for all NSW energy users; 
  • Last year more than half of the retailers in NSW failed to offer a FiT within the benchmark range. The FiT needs to be regulated and mandated so that the retailers have to offer it as a minimum;
  • The feed-in tariff should represent the true value of solar, this means recognising the environmental and health benefits and the network benefits of rooftop solar; and
  • any personal examples about your solar systems and experiences with the feed-in tariff.

NOTE: your submission will be published by IPART on their website along with your name but not your email address. If you'd like your name to not be published, please make note of this in your submission. A copy of the submissions will be sent to the NSW Energy Minister. All fields are compulsory in line with IPART submission requirements.