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Tell IPART that NSW needs a fair price for solar


The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has proposed to more than double the NSW solar feed-in tariff benchmark to 11.6-14.6c per kWh in line with the increased wholesale price of electricity.

Can you make a submission to IPART in support of this change? Here are some points you may wish to include:

  • That you support a fair price for solar;
  • The feed-in tariff should increase in line with the wholesale price of electricity;
  • The feed-in tariff should not just be a benchmark range, it should be regulated so retailers have to offer it as a minimum;
  • The feed-in tariff should represent the true value of solar, this means recognising the environmental and health benefits and the network benefits of rooftop solar; and
  • any personal examples about your solar systems and experiences with the feed-in tariff.

NOTE: All fields are compulsory in line with IPART submission requirements.