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Fuel Efficiency Standard crucial to saving regional fuel costs

3rd February, 2023: Fuel Efficiency Standard crucial to saving regional fuel costs 

Solar Citizens has today welcomed the publication of submissions to the government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy, which Solar Citizens gathered over 600 detailed responses from its community to the submission process. Ben Lever, Solar Citizens’ Regional Clean Transport Organiser said this showed widespread community support for a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard, which is necessary to avoid a regional fuel crisis. 

“A strong Fuel Efficiency Standard is crucial to cutting skyrocketing transport costs for regional drivers. We know that spiking petrol prices have hit regional communities hard, at a time when the cost of living has risen across the board,” said Lever. 

“Regional communities are hit even harder than cities – we depend more on our cars, we drive longer distances, and we pay more at the pump than city drivers. If the government doesn’t introduce a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard and catch up to our international peers, we’ll continue to pay the price at the fuel pump for years to come. 

“Australia’s lack of Fuel Efficiency Standards means we’ve been left with fuel-guzzling models that can’t be sold overseas, and denied zero-emissions vehicles that are becoming the norm overseas. 

“A strong Fuel Efficiency Standard would mean more efficient petrol and diesel vehicles in the short term, while turbocharging the rollout of electric vehicles by increasing the availability of a variety of models, including affordable cars and those popular in the regions—like utes—that are already available overseas. 

“Australia’s weak policies mean we’re a low priority for car makers, so we don’t get the range of models that are offered overseas – and for the models we do get, our allocations sell out within hours.

“It’s about time we caught up with our international peers and implemented a Fuel Efficiency Standard that’s ambitious, has integrity, and ensures all Aussies get a fair go. And we’ve really got to get cracking if we want to see some of the same pragmatic cost savings they’re already seeing in countries like New Zealand.” 


MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Ben Lever, Regional Clean Transport Organiser, [email protected] 

Quick facts: 

  • Fuel Efficiency Standards require car makers to sell cars and utes that meet a limit for CO2 emissions (calculated as an average across all the cars they sell) 
  • In 2019, the average Australian car emitted 169.3g/km 
  • The European Union’s Fuel Efficiency Standards started in 2009, and are now at 95g/km
  • Australia needs to match the EU standards or we’ll be at the back of the queue for EVs 
  • Experts agree that robust standards that tighten to 0g/km by 2035 at the latest are crucial for meeting Net Zero targets 
  • Solar Citizens recommends a Standard that commences no later than 1st Jan 2024, and starts at 95g CO2/km