Federal Budget Response 2023 - Solar Citizens

Federal Budget Response 2023

May 9 2023: Budget comment from Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director at Solar Citizens

Solar Citizens warmly welcomes the Federal Budget commitment to providing energy bill relief for millions of Australians who urgently need support, in particular long-term energy bill relief through low interest loans for solar and energy saving upgrades.

We also welcome the $300 million to help people in social housing benefit from energy performance upgrades. The best way to help people in social housing to lock in lower bills for good is through clean energy upgrades like efficiency and adding rooftop solar to social housing.

We call on state governments to match this funding dollar-for-dollar so everyone in social housing can save with both solar and other energy upgrades.

National polling released this week clearly shows the vast majority (79%) of Australians want Federal Government assistance for ongoing energy bill relief through access to cheaper, smarter and cleaner household solar. The Australian community also supports funding for installing solar on public and community housing as a priority (79%).

Electrification of households requires more cheap, clean, renewable energy, and just last week Energy Minister Chris Bowen stated we urgently need 60 million more household solar panels installed on Australian homes in the next seven years. To do this, we need solar on social housing and on rentals.

No Australian household should be left behind in the move to cheap clean solar energy. Solar Citizens calls for tailored government support to ensure the 30% of households who are renters do not miss out on the ongoing, year in year out energy bill relief that solar can provide.

All Australian households should be running on cheap, clean solar power instead of burning expensive, polluting fossil fuels. 


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