Fairer access to solar a win for regional Qld consumers, small businesses - Solar Citizens

Fairer access to solar a win for regional Qld consumers, small businesses

Today’s announcement by the Palaszczuk Government to expand the feed-in tariff for rooftop solar in regional Queensland is sensible policy that stands to help consumers and businesses, says Solar Citizens.

Households and businesses on the Ergon network in regional Queensland will be able to receive the mandated feed-in tariff of 10.1c/kWh for rooftop solar systems sized up to 30kW instead of 5kW.

“This is great news for solar and great news for regional Queensland households and businesses,” said Shani Tager, Senior Solar Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“Broadening the feed-in tariff program to include bigger rooftop solar systems is a game changer for small businesses and households in regional Queensland who are struggling with the costs of electricity,” she said.

“Installing rooftop solar is the only guaranteed way for everyday Queenslanders to take control of rising power bills.

“This is exactly the sort of policy that’s needed to increase the uptake of rooftop solar and meet the Government’s commitment of 1 million solar roofs (3 gigawatts) by 2020.

“Solar puts downward pressure on power bills because it helps take the stress off the network at peak times, such as when everyone switches on their air conditioners on hot days. This announcement will mean more solar on rooftops all over regional Queensland, helping all electricity consumers in the Sunshine State with their power prices.

“Queenslanders know that harvesting the power from the sun is the best way to go with over 520,000 households and businesses taking power back into their own hands and generating clean, cheap solar power on their own rooftops.


Media contact: Shani Tager, 0432 050 809