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Fair Price for Solar Needed to Keep Cheap Renewable Energy in the Grid

29 September 2021: Fair Price for Solar Needed to Keep Cheap Renewable Energy in the Grid

Community advocacy group Solar Citizens is calling for all states to introduce government mandated feed-in tariffs to ensure households receive a fair price for the energy they share. 

A report by ABC News today showed solar households are sensitive to reductions in feed-in tariffs and energy policy announcements. 

Currently, Victoria is the only state with a government mandated minimum solar feed-in tariff. 

“As we see feed-in tariffs continue to drop all over the country, more and more households are turning to batteries as they are seeing less value in exporting their energy, said Ellen Roberts, National Director of Solar Citizens.

“We want to encourage battery uptake so households can get the most out of their solar, but not by devaluing the investment they have made in their solar systems.

“Cheap solar in the grid helps lower power bills for all energy users and reduce emissions – it’s a win-win. We need to make sure that contribution is being compensated fairly. 

“Right now, consumers are having to shop around to find a fair price, and it could change at any time. And on top of lowering feed-in tariffs, solar homes and businesses are now facing new charges to even export their power – it’s changing the economics of rooftop solar.”

In August, the Australian Energy Market Commission ruled that distribution networks can now charge fees to solar homes and businesses to export their electricity.  

“Government mandated feed-in tariffs are needed to protect the investments solar households have made, and ensure we continue to encourage the uptake of rooftop solar. 

“We don’t want to see the uptake slow down because consumers feel there is too much uncertainty around investing in solar. 

“Unfair feed-in tariffs could backfire if we see more people turn away from exporting, or getting solar in the first place - leading to less cheap solar in the grid and potentially higher power prices for everyone.”


Media contact: Ellen Roberts 0408 583 694