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Donate for a Fair Price for Solar

We all know that solar owners are getting ripped off. In some states, power companies can pay you as little as 0c/kWh for the clean solar power you export to the grid. Most people get around 11c/kWh for their solar, which electricity retailers on-sell for around 32 c/kWh -- that's almost three times the price!

What we need is for state government to pull the big energy companies into line with a mandated fair price for solar -- but they won't do it unless we run a strong campaign. With 1 in 5 Australian voters living under a solar rooftop, solar owners can be a powerful force for change. And if we pool our resources, a little bit can go a long way.  

Can you help make it happen? Chip in today to supercharge the campaign for a Fair Price for Solar. 

Donate for a Fair Price for Solar

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