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Empowering Australia’s Homes

Big gas companies are fighting tooth and nail to protect their super profits at the expense of everyday consumers. 

Investing in clean technology like rooftop solar, household storage and efficient electric appliances is the best way to protect households from greedy fossil fuel giants, but for many Australians it's an uphill battle.

That’s why we’ve kicked off the Empowering Australia’s Homes campaign to ensure that no one gets left behind and renters, social housing tenants and people living in apartments can access the clean technology needed to manage their bills and take the power back from greedy polluters.

There’s no quick fix to create a fairer energy system – this is long-term campaign work that we need your support to power. Will you show your support for solar for all by chipping in to help fund this campaign?


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100% Renewable Community Campaign trading as Solar Citizens is a registered charity in Australia
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