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Email your State Energy Minister

***UPDATE: With the change of Federal Government, the National Energy Guarantee is no longer on the table. Instead of aiming higher to boost clean, cheap renewable energy, the Federal Government has no energy policy to replace the Renewable Energy Target when it ends in 2020.***

On August 10 at the COAG Energy Council meeting our state energy ministers will come together to decide the fate of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). Time is running out to show our leaders that Australians don't support a plan that will slow our nation's renewable progress.

So that you can have your say, we've made it simple and easy to email your state energy minister. Just fill out your state, name and email below, add your own personal message, and then hit send! Don't forget, the more personal your email the better, so include details about your own solar story where you can.

Please note: this action does not include the Northern Territory and Western Australia as they are not in the National Electricty Market (NEM). 

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