QLD Election Signs - Solar Citizens

QLD Election Signs

There's less than 5 weeks until the Federal election, where solar owners and supporters have the chance to send politicians a clear message - we love our solar and we vote!

We need to get the message out far and wide that Australians support 100% clean power, so we've created a range of Vote 1 Solar election signs for you to put up in your front yard, window or shopfront.

Can you help spread the solar message? Use the form below to request your free-of-charge solar election sign today!


There are four election sign designs to choose from, each 60cm x 45 cm.

We have 1000 signs in our Brisbane office, and our challenge now is to get these signs to as many solar supporters around Queensland as possible. Our volunteers are preparing for a mass distribution effort around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast - it's a big task, but our volunteers have hit the ground running.

Our volunteers are also holding several 'Placard Parties' where people can come to collect the signs (like Tupperware parties, but with free signs!), as well as meet like-minded solar supporters and hear more about the campaign.

Register here to get your sign - or 10! - and let us know if you can attend a Placard Party.