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Drop in to your MP's office - a step-by-step guide

Thanks for registering to visit your local MP's office this week! Below you'll find a handy step-by-step guide to make your meeting easy and fun to do. You'll also find links to handy resources, including:

1. Find your MP's office

Download this spreadsheet to find your local MP’s office location and contact number - remember your MP may have changed, or the location could be different following the recent Federal election. Don't know your electorate? Use the Australian Electoral Commission's search tool to find out.

Having trouble finding the office or the right number to call? Give Federal Parliament a call on 02 6277 7111 - the friendly reception staff can help you out.

Give your MP’s office a quick phone call to check the opening hours.

Remember that your MP’s office is a public place, you are free to visit at any time the office is open and chat to the staff there and ask to see your MP there and then.

2. Be prepared for a conversation

You might get a chance to talk to your MP, or a member of staff, which is a great opportunity to have your say about why saving ARENA is critical to our renewable energy future.

To have that conversation you’ll need to be prepared, so download our handy talking points to help you.

3. Don't leave you MP empty-handed! Prepare your message

If you’re making the effort to drop in on your MP, it’s important your visit is remembered. That’s why it’s important to prepare a handwritten note to leave with your MP and take this along with you.

We’ve made this easy to do. Download our #saveARENA message card, print it out and write your message - a few lines will do. If it’s easier, simply write your own handwritten letter. Use the talking points to help if you need to.

It doesn’t have to be a novel! A few simple sentences that state why you care about saving ARENA is something your MP will be very interested in reading.

4. Visit your MP - and take a photo!

Head over to the office - remember to be friendly and polite to the staff, who are hardworking people serving the community.

Make your visit, and if you can, take a quick photo and send it to us by email [email protected]We'll collect all the photos and publish them on social media.

5. Let us know how it went!

Did you drop in on your MP? Well done!

Let us know how it went by completing this simple form - we’ll be collecting all the report backs and making sure the leaders of all parties know how concerned people are about the threat to ARENA.