Queensland election campaign blitz - Solar Citizens

Let's get renewables centre stage

The Queensland Election is around the corner and this is a golden opportunity to influence the energy policies of the next state government demonstrating to federal politicians that Australians want a renewable energy future.

What happens in Queensland this month is extremely important to the nation’s energy future. With a dominant and vote-swaying resources industry, the Sunshine State represents the largest hurdle and the biggest prize in our energy transition.

The Morrison Government is failing on renewables, so it's more important than ever that our state governments take the lead and come to the table with clean energy policies that will drive investment, create new jobs, and move Australia to a clean, affordable energy system. 

Give today to keep renewables a top priority in the media, and pollies minds, right up to polling day on October 31. Your donation will power a final blitz of digital advertising and make the community campaign for renewables louder.

Your donation for clean energy

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