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Help Stop the Sun Tax

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released its draft decision on solar export charges, and it’s bad news. The rule change will allow networks to charge solar owners for sharing their clean power with the grid. 

Fossil fuel generators don't have to pay for supplying electricity to the network, so why should homes and businesses who have made an investment in rooftop solar? 

It's critical that all solar owners and supporters stand together to stop this unfair sun tax. By bringing together clean energy supporters to form a strong constituency, we’ve proven we can win the best outcomes for rooftop solar.

The AEMC makes the rules that govern our energy system, but State Energy Ministers Governments can intervene. Contributions will help fund a rapid response ad blitz to get more signatures on our petition, motivate solar owners to share their story in the media, and flood Energy Ministers’ news feeds with the positive solar story.

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