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A Renewable Energy Recovery Plan

In the coronavirus pandemic Australia is bracing for economic turbulence – but we need a recovery plan beyond the next six months. By investing strategically in clean energy our governments can future-proof our energy system, bolster the economy, and support households and businesses. 

Will you make a contribution to a Renewable Energy Recovery Plan this financial year? 

Here’s what’s needed to make the plan a reality: 

  • Research on existing solar programs that can be scaled up, quickly, to provide immediate employment opportunities 
  • Working with stakeholders on the feasibility of new programs, and identifying which new projects have the strongest economic outlook
  • Modelling costs and job numbers for solar and renewable programs
  • Advocating to state and federal government across on the merits of these programs
  • Continuing to provide hope by telling the positive renewable energy story in the media

Donate for our clean energy future

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