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Copperstring Deal Will Provide Cheap Energy Boost

7 October 2020: Copperstring Deal Will Provide Cheap Energy Boost

Solar Citizens has today welcomed the State Government’s commitment to seeing the building of Copperstring 2.0 – which will enable clean renewable energy to power new and existing industries in North Queensland.

"This important infrastructure project will allow new renewable energy projects to connect to the grid from Townsville to Mt Isa, unlocking abundant local and cheap energy for the region," said Solar Citizens' National Director Ellen Roberts.

"At the moment industries in the north are hamstrung by high electricity prices, particularly in Mt Isa where they rely on expensive gas generation. 

"Copperstring will enable an influx of cheap renewables, which will benefit existing industries in Mt Isa and the North West Minerals Province and pave the way for new industries.

"North Queensland urgently needs new transmission infrastructure to access our incredible wind and solar resources, and this project is a key component.

"Last night at the Townsville Bulletin candidate’s debate for the seat of Townsville both the Katter party candidate and MP for Townsville Scott Stewart confirmed their support for Copperstring 2.0, and the affordable energy it will bring to the region. It’s time for the LNP to make a similar commitment to bringing clean, affordable energy to North Queensland."


Media contact: Ellen Roberts 0408 583 694