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Calls for bipartisan support for Queensland’s new Renewable Energy Target

5 June 2023: Calls for bipartisan support for Queensland’s new Renewable Energy Target

Solar Citizens welcomes news that the Queensland Government has announced a $500 million investment in publicly-owned CleanCo to develop 2.3 GW of new renewable energy generation. 

The funding commitment comes as the Queensland Government releases draft legislation to enact the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. The legislation includes:

  • Queensland’s new 70% by 2032, and 80% by 2035 Renewable Energy Targets
  • A commitment to maintaining majority public ownership of the State’s energy assets
  • The Job Security Guarantee and a fund for workers affected by the energy transformation 

“It’s very welcome news that the Queensland Government is enshrining in law more cheap renewable energy, certainty for workers, and a commitment to keep the majority of the State’s energy assets in the hands of Queenslanders,” said Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director of Solar Citizens. 

“At the moment Queenslanders are still being slugged with high power bills caused by globally high coal and gas prices, and rolling outages at Queensland’s ageing coal-fired power stations. Investing in more Queensland-owned solar, wind and storage means we’ll have more protection from global fossil fuel price spikes.”

A report, released by Solar Citizens and the Queensland Conservation Council, found that large-scale solar, wind and storage projects across the Sunshine State brought wholesale power costs down by $25/MWh in 2022, equivalent to nearly $100 per household. The report found that further renewable energy investment would have brought down costs by more than $500 per household.

Solar Citizens is now calling on the Queensland Opposition to support the new Renewable Energy Targets and legislation.

“Queenlanders should have access to clean, affordable renewable energy no matter who is elected next year,” said Ms Douglas.

“In the lead up to the last state election, the Queensland Liberal National Party was planning to scrap the State’s 50% by 2030 Renewable Energy Target. But a lot has changed since then, including Queensland power bills spiralling because of our dependency on coal and gas.

“It was really encouraging to see Opposition Leader David Crisafulli signal on ABC back when the Energy and Jobs Plan was released that he supports the new 70% renewable energy target. 

“Queenslanders are tired of the energy and climate wars. It’s time for bipartisan support for the transition to clean and affordable energy.”


Media contact: Solar Citizens National Director Heidi Lee Douglas 0401 092 570