Call your State Energy Minister

Call your State Energy Minister

***UPDATE: With the change of Federal Government, the National Energy Guarantee is no longer on the table. Instead of aiming higher to boost clean, cheap renewable energy, the Federal Government has no energy policy to replace the Renewable Energy Target when it ends in 2020.***

We only have until August to tell our state energy ministers that the NEG just won't cut it. Take a moment to call them today. We've made it easy for you: find your minister's phone number below and then let us know how the call went! 

You'll most likely be asked to leave a message with a staff member or on an answering machine. Here's some ideas about what you could say in the conversation:

  • State your name.
  • Express your concerns about the NEG – a national policy that will only work to protect coal-fired power while slamming the brakes on renewable investment in Australia;
  • Tell them why a future powered by the sun, wind and waves is important to you, your family, and all Australians;
  • If you have solar on your roof let them know and be sure to tell them that you’ve done your bit and now it’s time for national policy that boosts clean, renewable power with storage.

It's important to remember to stay polite, thank them for their time and ask them to pass on your message.