Open business letter to senators on the Renewable Energy Target - Solar Citizens

Open business letter to senators on the Renewable Energy Target

Letter text:
[note- letter will be edited with state specific information]


Dear Senator [Name],

To most Australians using the power of the sun to generate energy just makes sense. Solar energy offers many benefits to Australia - new investment, new jobs, regional development and cleaner power.

There are now 4,500 solar businesses operating across Australia, the vast majority of them small and medium sized enterprises These businesses employ around 15,000 people, and have helped  [number and state. eg, 340,000 Queensland] families take back control of their power bills and do their bit for the environment.

The Renewable Energy Target - and other programs such as the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency - play an important role in encouraging the growth of solar in [state] and creating more jobs and investment.

As businesses operating in [name state] we would like to thank you for your recent statement indicating that you would support the continuation of these important programs.

Thank you for helping keep solar strong in [state].

Yours Sincerely,

Businesses of the solar industry

[Your business name and logo goes here]


Letters will be sent to:

Senator Glenn Lazarus, Palmer United Party, Queensland
Senator Dio Wang, Palmer United Party, Western Australia
Senator Jaqui Lambie, Palmer United Party, Tasmania
Senator Ricky Muir, Motoring Enthusiasts Party, Victoria
Senator John Madigan, Democratic Labor Party, Victoria
Senator Nick Xenophon, Independent, South Australia