Budget reply speech points to a new solar age for NSW - Solar Citizens

Budget reply speech points to a new solar age for NSW

The NSW Opposition Leaders Budget reply speech today made promising announcements in support of a solar owners and battery storage across NSW says Solar Citizens.

NSW ALP Opposition Leader Mr Foley, in his budget reply speech, promised a NSW Labor government will “provide a fair minimum solar tariff so that households with rooftop solar are paid fairly for the power they generate” and "massively increase solar energy generation on the rooftops of government buildings.” [1]

“We think this is an excellent initiative, and hope to see these promises become policies, and policies that are implemented with support across the parliament,” said Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner at Solar Citizens. 

“Today NSW Labor demonstrated that they are listening to the hundreds of thousands of solar owners in NSW who have been calling for a compulsory fair price for solar. Big energy companies can’t keep taking solar owners for a ride by paying them a pittance for the power they produce.

“This announcement follows recent moves by the current NSW Energy Minister to put in place a fairer price for solar and again congratulate him and his team on these efforts. Getting policies on solar right is important for everyone.

“What we need right now, in NSW, and across the country, is a true fair price for solar and proper multi-partisan support for solar technology with storage and we’re starting to see moves in this direction.

“Mr Foley committing a future Labor Government to these policies means he should be rightly congratulated.

“Solar delivers clear benefits across the community, whether you have solar on your rooftop or not. Getting all sides of politics to recognise our solar future, to understand all the benefits of powering the country from the sun has just got to be done, and surely is a no brainer,” she said.

“There are millions of solar voters across the country, politicians failing to recognise them and their support are simply dudding themselves of electoral support.

This promise to "massively increase" solar generation in NSW if elected in 2019 would be achieved by installing panels on the rooftops of government buildings including schools, hospitals and police stations.

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[1] http://www.lukefoley.com.au/nsw_budget_reply_2017