Bright day for Renewables in Victoria - Solar Citizens

Bright day for Renewables in Victoria

Tuesday, 11 September: Solar Citizens commends the Victorian Government’s back-to-back renewable energy announcements today.

A re-elected Andrews Government will expand their already nation-leading commitments to help more households take the power back with rooftop solar and storage by providing half price solar batteries for 10,000 Victorian solar households.

“Victoria is driving down energy prices and giving consumers back control by making household solar and storage more accessible,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“We’re hearing a lot of hot air from Canberra about reducing electricity prices, but here is an example of Government getting on with the job and delivering lower prices by embracing clean technology.

“We know that solar and batteries are popular with Australians, already 5 million of us live under a solar roof, but for many households the upfront cost can be a hurdle.

“By providing batteries at half the price, more Victorians will be able to enjoy the benefits of clean power around the clock, which is good news for consumers and the grid.”

The Victorian Government also today announced the outcomes of their first renewable energy auction, saying that it will generate more than 900MW of new, clean energy, including three solar farms and three wind farms.

“It’s great to see the Victorian Government creating jobs and lowering power bills in one fell swoop by backing clean energy projects,” said Mr Scales.


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