Australians want more solar and renewables says new poll - Solar Citizens

Australians want more solar and renewables says new poll

Media Release

01 September 2014

A new poll has found that that 70 per cent of Australians want more emphasis put on solar power generation. 

The poll conducted by Essential Research also shows that people think renewables are the best form of power generation when it comes to the economy, jobs and the cost of power.

Solar Citizens Campaign Director Claire O'Rourke said that this shows that the government’s decision to attack the renewable energy target through the Warburton Review is out of step with the interests and concerns of the Australian community.

“The Abbott Government is seeking to eliminate renewables' ability to compete and drive electricity prices down by $50 pa for each household by 2020.

“The government’s position is to reduce installation of rooftop solar by 30%, thereby denying millions of Australians the opportunity to get rooftop solar and cut their electricity bills.

“The government is seeking to increase the profits of the big power companies by increasing their share of the market by $70B over the next 15 years.

“The government is abandoning over 8,000 jobs and billions of dollars of investment in renewable energy, one of Australia’s most successful new industries.

“The Abbott government has broken yet another election promise, this time to maintain John Howard’s Renewable Energy Target of 20%.

“70% of Australians want to see more emphasis placed on solar power - not less.

"The government need to stop standing up for their mates in the big power companies and stand up for Australians, their jobs and the costs of power”, said Ms O'Rourke.