Apartment Dwellers Enter NSW Election Solar Race - Solar Citizens

Apartment Dwellers Enter NSW Election Solar Race

Monday, 18 March: Community group Solar Citizens says the solar energy race between the major NSW parties is now in full swing, with the NSW Government today announcing their plan to change strata laws to make solar more accessible for people living in apartments.

“The NSW Liberals proposal to change strata laws to make it easier for apartment dwellers to get rooftop solar is a sensible first step to address this complex issue,” says Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“We estimate there is up to 4GW of solar capacity available on Australia’s apartments alone, so we should be doing everything we can to unlock this potential mega clean energy power plant.”

In the lead up to this year’s NSW election, Solar Citizens has been calling on all major parties to commit to implementing policies that will allow more residents to access low-cost solar and transform NSW from a laggard to a renewable powerhouse.

“This policy however is only a tiny piece of what is needed – the NSW Liberal National Government has been good on rhetoric about renewable energy, but their policy initiatives don’t amount to enough,” said Mr Scales.

“We are concerned that after eight years of government with little progress, the Liberal National parties still don’t have a major climate and energy reform package.”

Solar Citizens says the Labor Opposition has announced a more comprehensive renewables package, including, rooftop solar subsidies for 500,000 homes, 4GW of large-scale renewable generation in the first term of government, and solar for over 350 schools.

“Labor, however, has yet to provide policy pathways to support renters or apartment dwellers to access solar. We call on Labor to match this strata reform commitment,” said Mr Scales.

“We also call on all parties to adopt a policy to enable renters to access solar, so that all Australians, no matter their living situations, can tackle spiralling electricity bills with clean and affordable renewable technology.”


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