And we end in Melbourne! - Solar Citizens

And we end in Melbourne!


The Solar Citizens tour of capital cities ended on 19 June, when nearly 200 Solar Citizens came together in Melbourne - the final stop of Our Solar At Risk: Public Meetings to Defend Solar.


In total, nearly 1000 solar owners across the country have come together through the public meetings to talk about all things solar.

On Thursday, 19 June, Victorians stood with other solar owners and lovers across the country in calling for the renewable energy target to be protected and more solar in our communities.

"The evening was a good blend of humour, facts and stats and inspiration - really well done."


Meeting inside RMIT University, the evening had an overall feeling of coolness and composure - much like solar itself!

Victorians discussed solar issues and talked about the way to protect solar with Nigel Morris, director of Solar Business Services and Lindsay Soutar, National Director of Solar Citizens.

You can read Nigel’s presentation here.
You can read Lindsay’s presentation.
Additional facts on the RET from Nigel are here.

And, like the other public meetings, we gained the interest of media and local politicians - so now is the time to keep it up!

See more photos from the VIC meeting on our Facebook here.