A Higher RET would be a Win for Queenslanders - Solar Citizens

A Higher RET would be a Win for Queenslanders

8 September 2022: A Higher RET would be a Win for Queenslanders

Solar Citizens this morning responds to claims in The Australian that the Queensland Government is considering a higher renewable energy target in their upcoming 10-Year Energy Plan.

“We really encourage the Queensland Government to go beyond their 50 per cent by 2030 renewable energy target to keep up to speed with the rest of the country and maximise opportunities in new clean export markets,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director of Solar Citizens. 

“At the moment Queensland is only getting about 20 per cent of our energy from renewables, while other states are rushing ahead, like Tasmania that operates on almost 100 per cent renewables and South Australia running at 66 per cent. 

“Over the last year Queensland has had the highest wholesale electricity prices in Australia's main grid because we rely the most on globally expensive fossil fuels. 

“An analysis we undertook with the Queensland Conservation Council found that Queensland could easily meet the 50 per cent renewable energy target five years early in 2025 due to the number of renewable projects likely to proceed across the State.

“Getting on with the transformation of our energy system will not only bring down wholesale power prices, it will also set the Sunshine State up to capitalise on clean manufacturing and export industries. 

“We analysed a number of clean industry proposals around Townsville, which include solar panel and battery manufacturing and renewable hydrogen production, and found that these projects will create an extra 3,600 MW of demand in the region. The State Government must keep enabling more renewable energy projects to come online so projects like these have access to affordable energy.”

Last week Solar Citizens released polling of the Townsville Local Government Area that found:

  • 55% said Queensland should aim to be fully powered by renewable energy by 2032 when the State is set to host the world’s first climate positive Olympics.

  • 85% support the Townsville region becoming a hub for renewable-powered industry and manufacturing.


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006