7.7 million renewable energy jobs boom worldwide: Australia falls behind - Solar Citizens

7.7 million renewable energy jobs boom worldwide: Australia falls behind

Solar Citizens welcomes a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) that shows there are now more than 7.7 million people employed by the renewable energy industry, worldwide.

“In the past year alone more than 1 million more people were employed by the renewable energy industry. As one of the fasting growing industries it is living up to its potential as a worldwide jobs growth powerhouse,” said Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke.

“Solar PV alone employes 2.5 million people around the world.

“Solar power has proven a game changer on the world energy market, with incredible benefits including, lower power bills, delivering clean energy and providing more than 7.7 million jobs.

“Yet our own government fails to see the benefits. Just last week the Abbott Government slashed our Renewable Energy Target (RET) which will hold back creation of jobs in their thousands.”

“There is now no clear vision for the future of jobs in solar and renewable energy beyond 2020 - there is a real risk that without clear policy Australia will fall behind countries like China, India, Germany, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Colombia who have some of the highest employment rates in renewable energy.”

“If the Abbott Government is serious about making job creation their top priority they need to look no further than solar and renewables.”

“Hundreds of solar homeowners, workers and community members who support solar have gathered at Stand Up for Solar events in Queensland, Richmond and Western Sydney to talk about the future of solar power.”

“They have pledged to support a national goal of at least 50% solar and renewable electricity generation by 2030, an end to unfair fees for solar owners and to help all Australians who are struggling with the rising cost of electricity bills.”

“Our plan would help see at least 20,000 jobs created in the next 15 years. It’s time the Government listened to the community and put jobs in solar and renewables first.” said Ms O’Rourke


Claire O’Rourke is available for comment

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