12,000 Queensland jobs at risk if LNP ditches QRET - Solar Citizens

12,000 Queensland jobs at risk if LNP ditches QRET

8 September 2020: 12,000 Queensland jobs at risk if LNP ditches QRET

A new report by community group Solar Citizens has found that the Queensland LNP’s policy position to ditch the state’s 50% renewable energy by 2030 target could delay close to 12,300 renewable construction jobs as well as 750 ongoing jobs. 

It is the current party position that the Queensland Liberal National Party will not keep the State’s Renewable Energy Target if they are elected in the October Queensland election. 

“If the Queensland LNP follow through with their plans to ditch the QRET it will be a win for big, polluting energy companies and a loss for regional employment,” said Solar Citizens’ Queensland Campaigner, Stephanie Gray.

“Renewables are the energy trifecta for Queenslanders: they lower power bills, drive down pollution and create local employment in the regions.

“Cheap, clean energy could be Queensland’s competitive advantage and attract new job-rich manufacturing industries to our shores. It’s disappointing that the LNP will drag us backwards instead of future-proofing our economy.”

Modelling from the Australian Energy Market Operator shows that without a Renewable Energy Target, Queensland could have 1,950MW less wind and 2,950MW less large-scale solar by 2030. The modelling suggests that this will delay the country’s transition and specifically delay renewable jobs around Central Queensland and the Darling Downs.

“The clean energy that we’ll lose if they scrap the target would be enough to power roughly 1.5 million Queensland homes,” said Ms Gray. 

“Queenslanders are quiet clean energy achievers. We’ve got small businesses manufacturing battery storage and developing cutting-edge clean technology here in Brisbane, and more than 700,000 solar homes and businesses across the state.

“The Queensland LNP should be supporting more local clean energy jobs and innovation. Not pandering to big fossil fuel companies.”


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