You did this! Clean Energy and Jobs legislation passes with bi-partisan support in Queensland. - Solar Citizens

You did this! Clean Energy and Jobs legislation passes with bi-partisan support in Queensland.

April 2024 was a historic time in the Queensland Parliament.

Solar Citizens’ supporters like you have been campaigning alongside allied organisations for the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan to include firm commitments on emissions reductions and strong renewable energy targets for more than a decade.

The Queensland Government this month passed landmark laws guaranteeing 80% renewable energy generation by 2035, and powerful emissions reductions targets of 75% reduction by 2035. 

This commitment locks in the work of Solar Citizens supporters over the last 10 years demanding cleaner, more affordable energy for all. Queensland has come so far in just the last few years, from a renewable energy laggard to world leaders in rooftop solar uptake – this legislation will ensure availability of even more cheap, clean energy from the sun for years to come.

“Thanks to ongoing calls from our supporters, we are delighted to see the Queensland Government enshrine this bill into legislation, and protect the future of our beautiful state for generations to come,” said Dr Tom Dixon.

Reduced pollution emissions, lower energy bills, and reduced cost of living from solar energy go hand-in-hand – delivering a win for households, small business and the economy.

The legislation includes commitments from the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, including the targets of 50% renewable energy by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035, and makes provision for ensuring affected energy workers at existing publicly owned power stations and associated coal mines have access to new jobs and training during the transition – all aspects which we have campaigned hard for many years. 

“This historic day would not have been possible without the ongoing pressure from movements like ours, and our incredible community of volunteers, campaigners, and supporters across Queensland,” said Tom.  

Solar Citizens will be actively campaigning to ensure these issues remain front and centre, and all sides of the political divide are pushing for a credible pathway to emissions reductions. 

The Queensland Government put forward two pieces of legislation, and the opposition supported one of them. So while support for the emissions reduction targets was bi-partisan within the Queensland Parliament, the Queensland Opposition voted against legislating targets on renewable energy

In this critical election year, we must push together and call on all sides of the political divide for a credible pathway to emissions reductions through renewable energy targets. 

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