Vote 1 Solar Week of Action - Solar Citizens

Vote 1 Solar Week of Action

With less than two weeks to go until we head to the polls, now is the time to to join with solar lovers across the country to amplify our collective call for 100% renewable power by 2030. 

From 19-26 June solar voters across Australia will flood local candidates and MPs with photo messages, letting them know that we'll be voting for solar and renewable energy policy this election.

Will you tell your local candidates why solar and renewables will get your vote on July 2?

Missed out on ordering an election kit? You can still print your own message card off, download the print file here

What do to: 

1. Snap a sunny photo of you with your I ❤ solar and I vote message card - it can be a solar selfie or one with your whole family, it's up to you!

2. Email the photo to [email protected], and include your name and electorate. We'll make sure your MP and candidates get your photo message via email and social media. 

Want to go the extra mile?

3. Send your photo to your MP and candidates via email, Facebook and Twitter - it will mean more coming direct from you. Remember to tag your local candidates and Solar Citizens (@solarcitizens) on social media. You can find a spreadsheet of candidates' Twitter handles and email addresses here (it's a work in progress). Not sure who your candidates are? Check out our Solar Scorecard.

Example post/tweet: "Hi @turnbullmalcolm. I live in your electorate and I'm voting for 100% renewables by 2030 on July 2 #ausvotes"

4. If you want to take it one step further, you can hand deliver your sunny message card to your MP or candidate. Take it into their office or see if they'll be attending any upcoming community events (check out the CANA event list for more information).      

Let your MP and candidates know that you love solar and you vote!

June 19, 2016 at 12pm - June 26, 2016

Will you take part in the Week of Action?

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