Watt the Quack Battery Webinar - Solar Citizens

Watt the Quack Battery Webinar

Solar Citizens recently hosted an electrifying webinar with a panel of energy experts to shed light on home energy storage.

Listen below to learn more about the benefits of batteries and the role they can play in your home and a renewable-powered grid. Hear from leading energy strategist and advisor, Dr Gabrielle Kuiper, who unpacks her research on the ‘solar duck curve’ and how we can put it to sleep and even out the supply of solar throughout the day – benefitting the grid and our hip pockets. You’ll also hear from Ric Brazzale, on how the right policy mechanisms from government can help Australians with not just the duck curve, but the swan curve!

Learn how we can put the duck curve to sleep, unlock more cheap clean energy and a stronger grid, and bring down bills with home batteries!


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