Voltage Rise Submissions - Solar Citizens

Make a submission to the Queensland Government about the voltage rise rule change

Solar and renewable energy are the future, but right now our grid is not coping with the massive uptake of solar in Queensland and needs to be upgraded.

The huge amount of clean energy pouring into the system is causing ‘voltage rise,' which makes the grid inefficient, more costly to electricity consumers and is causing appliance failures. And crucially, in the near future the system will not be able to cope with any more solar.

Fortunately, the Queensland Government is considering a rule change that would cut the voltage in the system from 240V standard to 230V. This rule change would fix the problem of voltage rise and associated appliance failure. 

Can you make a submission to the Queensland Government in support of the rule change? It takes ten minutes and you can do it using our simple form below. 

Here's some information that can help you make your submission. Moving to a 230V standard over three years will:

  • Increase the ability of the network to absorb higher solar uptake especially in regional Queensland, facilitating an estimated 40MW of additional solar installed by 2020;
  • Fix the problem of voltage rise and associated appliance failure;
  • Save $257 million for energy consumers;
  • Improve energy efficiency;
  • Lead to a reduction of 2 million tonnes of carbon over ten years through reduced electricity consumption;
  • Speed up the process for solar connections.