Help us grow the petition to save Victoria's Feed-in Tariff - Solar Citizens

Help us grow the petition to save Victoria's Feed-in Tariff

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) handed down their decision to decrease the minimum feed-in tariff in Victoria by 20 per cent early on August 25 - that's a minimum of 5c/kwh. Now, it's more important than ever to grow the petition, calling on Energy Minister D'Ambrosio to intervene and stop the cuts. 

You've already taken the first step by signing the petition. But to win this campaign, we'll need every solar owners in Victoria to get on board. Can you help us grow the petition by recruiting family, friends, neighbours and workmates to sign too? 

Below is your personalised recruiting link. When you share this link on Facebook, Twitter, via email or in direct messages all the people you recruit will be credited to you. The more people you sign up, the higher you'll climb on the petition recruiter leaderboard and the stronger our call to save the Feed-in Tariff will be. 

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