Values - Solar Citizens


Solar Citizens is organising Australia’s solar owners and supporters to take collective action and as a community organisation we hold our values close. You can read more about our organisational values here:


We think big and set ambitious goals with a focus on making an impact and winning outcomes. 


We are inclusive and fair in our approach to working together, recognising that a just transition to a 100% renewable energy future is only possible when our workplace and movement is diverse, just and equitable.   


We empower all Solar Citizens with a commitment to democracy, participation and investing in training and development. 


We inspire people to take action together towards a positive vision of justice, truth and transparency.


We recognise our role in the renewable energy industry, environment and social justice movements and we value those relationships because real change comes by working together. 


We encourage each other to challenge ourselves and try new things knowing that this is how excellence is achieved. 


We work in a spirit of generosity with our team mates. This means active communication, taking initiative and making the time to share our knowledge and skills. 


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