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Terminate the NSW Price Hikes

The NSW electricity networks (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy) are proposing an unfair way of pricing electricity which will hit solar owners and low income households hard.

The so-called “declining block”’ pricing structure unfairly targets those who use electricity efficiently or who have made the sensible decision to invest in solar power.

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Dear Premier Baird,

I urge you to stop the unfair electricity prices currently proposed for NSW customers.

An extra fee for solar rooftop owners is not the way to make NSW “Australia’s answer to California” in respect of clean energy as your Government aspires to. Your Government should legislate to rule out any discrimination against solar owners.

And the so-called “declining block”’ pricing structure unfairly targets low income earners and those people who have done the right thing by investing in solar and energy efficient measures like LED light bulbs.

Both of these electricity pricing proposals should be ruled out and replaced with policies that encourage solar rooftop take-up, ease electricity prices for low income earners and incentivise efficient electricity use.

Your sincerely,


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