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Tell Frydenberg – don't ditch the CET

Reports indicate Josh Frydenberg MP is failing under the pressure of his coal-loving backbenchers and trying to wipe his hands of the Clean Energy Target (CET) – after yet another speech littered with anti-renewable sentiments. 

We need a plan to ensure that the energy of the future is clean, affordable and reliable. If the Federal Environment and Energy Minister wants to ignore the advice from experts then we need to make it impossible for him to ignore us. 

It’s up to us to band together and make a noise too loud for the Turnbull Government to ignore. 

Our political representatives are motivated to act when they see strong support demonstrated by the public. By calling Minister Frydenberg you will be directly shining the light on how popular renewable energy is – and how much the community wants to see a plan for a clean future.

Not only that, but we've made it easy for you! Have a look below for key talking points, and a quick guide for what to expect.