Take action in your community

Summer Solar BBQs: February 24 2013

On Sunday February 24th right across Australia local community members will be getting together to celebrate solar power, as part of Australia's first ever Summer Solar BBQ.

Walk for Solar on 30 September

Want to Walk for Solar in your own town?

There are 20 SOLARdarity walks happening around the country on Sunday, September 30.

Click on the event on the map to find the one that's closest to you.

Sign up by joining their facebook event or by contacting the organiser.

The big solar poll

Let's Build Big SolarThe big solar poll is a people powered initiative to show 10,000 people across Australia what big solar looks like - and to hear people's views on whether Australia should be getting on with the job of building solar.

Launch big solar in your community!

Let's Build Big Solar

Join with groups across Australia from Saturday 3 March to launch the Let's Build Big Solar campaign in your community.

Together, we'll be showing MP's our determination to see some real work begin on big solar plants this year.

All I want for christmas is... big solar!

It's the end of year and holiday cheer is all around!

2011 has been a big year for renewable energy campaigners and as it draws to an end, there's still time for one final action to show our leaders we want them to keep working for renewable energy.

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Make a picture submission to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The expert review panel on the design of the new renewable energy funding body– the Clean Energy Finance Corporation - has made a request for submissions on how this new body can help overcome barriers to the development of renewable energy in Australia.

Let's pass the renewable energy legislation now!

Whisperings from Canberra have told us head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation is shortly to be announced.

Yet the legislation that will establish this body (and the new renewable energy agency ARENA) to oversee the $10billion of renewable funding haven't been included in the draft Clean Energy Future (carbon price) package.

Labor has said that that part of the carbon price legislation will be put to parliament NEXT year.

Are you worried about that? We sure are!

Make a submission about the carbon price legislation

In early August the government released their draft legislation on carbon price and have invited the general public and interested parties to comment on their proposed plans.