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Stop Sabotaging Clean Energy

The Federal Government is amping up its attacks on renewable energy.

Senator Matt Canavan has likened renewable energy to “dole bludgers’, while the Government is funneling $4 million into a study for a new coal-fired power station in Queensland.

Private investors aren't interested in new, dirty coal stations because they're expensive and don't fit into a modern grid – but that isn't stopping the Government from wasting taxpayer dollars on out-of-date technology. 

This isn't a level playing field. Call the Federal Government out for sabotaging the clean energy industry by signing our petition. 

Will you sign?

Federal Energy Minister, instead of propping up ageing and inefficient coal-fired power stations, I call on you to plan for the inevitable transition to cheap and clean energy by:

  1. Extending the national Renewable Energy Target;
  2. Allocating more funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency;
  3. Ensuring the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme remains strong until 2030. 

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