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Special Offers

Solar Citizens is all about solar owners getting a fair go, and helping people go solar. That's why we've partnered with some really sunny companies to bring Solar Citizens supporters special offers.  



Do you have an existing mortgage, or are looking at taking out a new home loan? Solar Citizens has partnered with Bank Australia (formerly Bank Mecu) to offer supporters a basic home loan at one of the most competitive rates in the market with no establishment fee. Bank Australia does not and will not finance fossil fuel projects, is 100 per cent customer owned and is also carbon neutral. Bank Australia has also been named Customer Owned Bank of the Year 2016 by CANSTAR.

If you shift to Bank Australia through us, Solar Citizens receive a financial contribution towards our renewable energy campaign work of a one-off payment of 0.40% of the value of the loan. This money comes entirely from Bank Australia and does not affect your interest rate, fees or loan structure in any way. 

Find out more here. 



Does your power company support solar? Ethical Switch ranks electricity providers by their green credentials, and helps get a better return for solar customers too. Ethical Switch takes all the hassle out of switching to renewable-friendly power company, plus for each customer that switches, Solar Citizens receives a $50 donation that will give us the resources to fight harder on our campaigns.

Click here to switch in the time is takes to make a cup of tea.