Solar users condemn RET review ‘anti-solar panel’, submit 5200 copies of 2012 Report - Solar Citizens

Solar users condemn RET review ‘anti-solar panel’, submit 5200 copies of 2012 Report

Media Release

20 May 2014

Individual Solar Citizens have sent more than 5,200 copies of the 2012 Climate Change Authority’s review of the Renewable Energy Target to the new review panel, to highlight the unnecessary and wasteful nature of the latest review.

The panel also received over 22,000 community submissions including 12,500 from renewable energy supporters, 250 from wind farmers and workers are concerned about drought proofing their farms and communities, and 1,500 from people in community organizations trying to develop community owned wind and solar projects.

Lindsay Soutar, Solar Citizens National Director, said that the current review by a government-appointed panel is designed to make it harder for people to get solar and take control of their power bills.

“The last review of the target was completed only 18 months ago - it showed that the target is doing exactly what was it was designed to do: help Australians reap the benefits of generating clean safe sources at a very affordable price.

“The last review was conducted by a well credentialed team led by former head of the Reserve Bank, Bernie Fraser.

“With a new review launched so close to the completion of the last one, it’s hard to conclude anything but that this review is a stitch-up designed to cut renewable energy and support the Coalition’s mates in big power companies.

“It’s a complete waste of taxpayer time and money to fund an attack on the renewables industry.

“Five million Australians have been helped to go solar by the Renewable Energy Target and at least 5 million more households would like to do the same to take control of their power bills.

“Putting nuclear energy proponent, Dick Warburton, in charge of the new review demonstrates the government’s intentions for solar. The government has stacked the panel with friends of the fossil fuel industry in the hope that the new review will weaken the target and look after the big power companies.

“This is plain and simple an ‘anti-solar panel’. Australian solar users will not stand by while their right to energy independence is stripped away.

“We do not need this new review. The RET was examined less than two years ago and found to be efficient and good value for money. Everything the government needs to know about the success of the target is contained in that report.”